Jesus Is The Answer Support Group

Jesus Is The Light that shines out of the darkness to come and rescue you. He gives you love and peace in your heart and mind. Jesus Is The Answer 4U is what we believe. We are a support group and we share and pray for each others needs. We help each other to become more like Jesus in our hearts and minds daily. 

We are also a support group for Adoption Issues, and Caregivers, and the handicapped, and for anyone who wants to make some special friends. We are here to help you from a Christian perspective. 

The many emotions that go along with adoption issues can be very hard if not impossible to deal with alone. Some of us have been there and want to help you in any way we can with all of our hearts. We have birthmothers and adoptees in our group. We have been healed of so many of our emotional wounds with the love of God that flows through each of us out to Love One Another. 

We also have caregivers in our group who deal with taking care of their handicapped children. We have others who deal with their spouses who have had heart attacks and need special care.

We love each other with that unconditional love that is so precious to have. We do not judge each other. We respect that each individual person has their own individual personal relationship with the Lord. We pray for each other for all types of things and see our prayers answered. We love you, cry with you, laugh with you. Whatever the need is for anyone, the answer will come by trusting in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because He died so that we can be set free of any problems. So that we can have the love and grace and mercy of God in our lives.

Jesus died on the cross so that those who believe that He died for them and was raised again the third day, can have forgiveness of their sins. God is not a God of rules and regulations who makes us feel that we have to earn things from Him. We can not work to gain things from Him, He gives them to us freely. We just have to reach and say, Lord help me I need you in my life, I want you in my life so that I can begin to walk in your forgiveness and unconditional love and joy and peace. 

We reach out to each other in love with friendships that are beautiful and from the heart. We are like family and Love One Another. If you would like to join us, we welcome you with open arms. We will love you and be your friend, and pray for you, and encourage you in the times that you need a friend the most.

A Poem For Our Group 

We all were someone else
So very long ago.
Then Jesus came and saved us
The right way He did show.

He turned our lives around
And gave us peace within
For He gave His life up for us
And cleansed us from our sin.

And now we are together
Though many miles apart
United by our keyboards
And by our Father's heart.

I thank You, my Sweet Savior
For binding us as one
To touch each others lives
Through the presence of your Son.

Bless you all.

With much love,

© Lois Rosensweig
September 14, 2002
By Inspiration of the Holy Spirit

Lois is one of our members who is a very precious lady,
I feel grateful to be able to call her my friend.

Jesus Is The Answer

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